Custom Website Design

Custom website design can be the difference between web traffic becoming clients or moving on to someone else. Studies have shown that a well-built website increases web traffic, and a user-friendly interface will increase conversion. Custom website design allows for your potential and current clients to be able to navigate your website smoothly.

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Why Custom Website Design is Important

A custom designed website will not only look welcoming and pleasing to the eye of potential customers, but it also looks more trustworthy. This causes your website traffic to increase resulting in an improvement of new business leads through website conversion. If a website is designed and managed properly then customers will continuously return to your site to do business with your company.

  • Aesthetics – A website has to look good, but it also need to be usable. Navigation is one the most important parts of website. If a website is hard to navigate, chances are that the user will give up trying and move on to a different website. The navigation of your website should be easy to comprehend. If a website is poorly designed, then it’s likely that users will associate that with the way business is done at your company. Worldlight Media specializes in custom website design and will create a website that works best for your company.
  • Brand Consistency – It’s important when building a website, that your business’ logo is the same on the website as it is on all other products, such as business cards, pamphlets, and letterheads. This way customers can recognize your brand in all forms of communications, and thus associate your brand position and promise with you business. WorldLight Media can design your logo, create a custom website design, and print any business cards, flyers, and letterheads all with a consistent brand.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of custom website design. The better a website is designed for search engine optimization, the more likely it is to rank higher in search engines. There are a number of things that go into SEO such as keywords, text placement, and the overall content of the website or page. Worldlight Media specializes in custom website design and can integrate all of these things to get more web traffic to your website.
  • Content – Web designers have to take a number of things into account when designing a website such as how a user will read the site, where their eye will go next, and how to get them to become a customer or client. The content of your website is very important because it needs the balance of being informative but not cluttered. If a web page has too much text, it can become difficult for the reader to physically read the page and become uninterested in reading the page. Worldlight Media can create a design that is easy for a reader to read and engage in the call to action.

Anyone can do it. But we do it right.

There are many firms in Fresno that can build you a website. But there is a right way to do it and a very wrong way to do it. We have the certifications, knowledge, and resources available to create a website that reaches your audience and gets you the results you’re looking for.

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  • Domain Names
  • Web Hosting
  • Professional Email
  • SSL Certificates
  • Printing Services
  • Professional Video Production
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As a church, your ability to connect is important. Whether you’re looking for members, volunteers, get the word out about events, or simply share your message in this digital era: You need a web presence. WorldLight Media understands the unique needs of churches, and what needs to go into a church website. We are honored to have helped local churches and religious organizations improve their online image. Ask us about our special non-profit website pricing.

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  • WordPress Websites
  • Mobile Websites
  • eCommerce Website
  • Custom Websites
  • Premium Agency Services
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  • Tablet/Smartphone Application Development
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Accept Online Payments
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