Fresno SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Effective SEO begins during your website’s construction phase.

We’ll build your site so that it is friendly for both humans and search engine bots. Taking this strategy to the next level in order to generate more sales via the website. We’ll recommend an appropriate strategy for you.

Fresno SEO Search Engine Optimization

Here is what we offer in our SEO package:

Search Engine Indexing Strategies
If a web site is “indexed” it means that search engines have located and crawled it to gain a better understanding of what the site is about and how they should rank it. Our search engine indexing strategies are comprised our own proprietary methods, and focus on not only getting search engine’s to locate, crawl, and index your web site, but to get them to return on a reoccurring basis.


On-Page Website Optimization Strategies
On-page website optimization refers to the actual hands-on process of editing a website for the sole purpose of getting it to rank in the search engines. In most cases, these edits are done to both the visual components of a website such as headlines and body copy and then to non-visual components such as the meta-tag information. Our on-page website optimization service is comprised of our own proprietary methods, and focuses on completely optimizing your entire website according to the keywords that are most relevant for this project.


Source Code Optimization
In regards to search engine optimization, a web site’s code is just as important to a search engine as its content. Search engines need to be able to read your site’s code, find your content quickly, and index it without any problems. This service is a process of reviewing your web site’s code for additional missed SEO opportunities. In addition, and probably more important, this is also a service which allows us to correct (move, remove, and minimize) code that is harmful to your web site’s search engine optimization efforts. We will build new landing pages to capitalize on certain keywords.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Fresno

Most of our solutions will start you off with a basic SEO campaign. We offer more aggressive Website Marketing Plans that include ongoing keyword monitoring, landing pages, content generation, etc. If you are interested in taking it to the next level, please ask about our more aggressive Website Marketing plans.

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