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Whether you’re marketing to consumers or whether your a B2B company, there’s one thing that’s clear: You need inbound marketing. Cold calling, direct mail, and other old-school methods of lead generation don’t work for most businesses anymore. Rather than looking for new customers, why not make it so that they come to you instead?

Inbound Marketing is all about Landing Pages

The key to being seen and getting your customers to come to you is to attract them. The old adage “you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar” certainly rings true, though we don’t know why anyone would ever want to attract flies.  We do know, very deeply, that you do want to attract new customers, however. AND – we know that you want them to happily give you their contact information and tell you how interested they are in buying your product or hiring you for your services. That’s where Landing Pages come in. A landing page is a collection of several techniques:

  • Responsive Web Design – Impressive, professional, lightning fast loading times, and works on any device.
  • Content Generation – Think “this is most helpful page I have ever read on the Internet.”
  • Search Engine Optimization – Because robots like to read too, and if the robots don’t like your page – no one else will ever see it.
  • Clear Calls to Action – This is more art than science, but the science is pretty complex, so the art must be breathtaking.
  • Lead Generation Forms – If you don’t get this part right – it is cricket city. Your phone should be ringing and your inbox should be full of new leads.

Don’t trust just anyone to do it. Trust someone who will do it right.

You could hire any firm to build you a website, why should you hire us? WorldLight Media has built a reputation for not only exceeding client expectations but also operating our business with integrity.

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