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Google AdWords

How Google AdWords Can Work For You

Promote Your Business With An AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords is the leader in online advertising campaigns. Their enormous network, spanning not just Google search pages, but millions of websites across the web, spanning thousands of interests and topics. With Google AdWords, you can have your company promoted directly to your target demographic- whoever they are.

Google Search Ads

The most well known segment of Google AdWords are the ads that are displayed first when somebody makes a google search. When strategically implemented, these ads can drastically increase awareness for your brand or company.

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads allow you to reach your target audience on the websites they already frequent in the form of image, video, and other visual ads. Instead of specifying specific keywords for your ad, like you would for a Search Ad, you can select multiple topics or interests. For example, if you are a local hardware store, you can have your ads displayed on home improvement or DIY-focused websites.

Google AdWords Can Be Tailored For Your Exact Needs

Perhaps the greatest part of a Google Adwords Campaign, both Search and Display, is the ability to fine tune not just who will see your ad, but also when and where. For example, a local business can limit their ad to display just for their town or city, or a restaurant can have an ad featuring a dinner special appear only during dinner hours. No matter who or where or even when your target audience is, you can reach them with Google Adwords.

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